How to use pressure cooker safely, explosion-proof

  • 09 Jan 2022 08:45
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Stewed and stewed dishes without a pressure cooker, you will spend a lot of time, gas, or electricity to cook food. But if you use the pressure cooker incorrectly, you will most likely face many dangers. See more on how to use a safe, explosion-proof pressure cooker in the article below.

  • Check the pot before you start cooking
  • Do not cook too many ingredients, limit cooking dishes that create air bubbles
  • Do not open the pot lid suddenly
  • Clean the pressure cooker regularly

Check the pot before you start cooking

With conventional pots, you can check or not check the pot before cooking, it doesn't matter. But with a pressure cooker, whether it's a mechanical (gas) or an electric pressure cooker, you should test the pot before you cook it for safe cooking.


You need to make sure before plugging in or turning on the ignition to start cooking, your pressure cooker is in perfect condition:

  • Good rubber on, not damaged, aging, in place.
  • The pot body is not cracked, the pot lid is not warped, when the lid is placed on the body, it fits snugly.
  • Pressure relief valve, no dust, no food residue, no rust, safe lock, and good operating valve. If the valve or lock is checked, there is a problem, it is not used properly, then you bring the pot to the service center for inspection and repair.

Do not cook too many ingredients, limit cooking dishes that create air bubbles

Do not put too much food in the pressure cooker because when cooking, it will boil and overflow into the steam outlet system, the valve of the pot, causing blockage, fire, and explosion.

You should not put more than 2/3 of the capacity of the pressure cooker in the pressure cooker, including food and liquids. In the case of cooking foods that are grains and beans, you should only add up to 1/2 of the port capacity.


Do not open the pot lid suddenly

Whether you need to take food or add spices to the folding pot, you must not open the lid suddenly, do not open the lid until the pressure is released or when the pressure in the pot is still there because the pressure, the high temperature from the pot can cause damage. you get burned.


With a mechanical pressure cooker, after turning off the stove, you need to release the pressure to the lowest level, the steam no longer escapes, you just open the lid of the pot, but remember not to bend over, face straight into the pot, but tilt your whole face and body. Move aside while opening the lid to prevent the remaining heat in the pot from overheating you.

As for electric pressure cookers, most have smart pressure relief valves, automatic pressure relief, and quick release valve designs to help you release pressure quickly. Some pots also have a safety lock designed on the lid to prevent the user from opening the lid when the pressure inside the pot is high, thereby protecting the user.

Note that when opening the lid of the pressure cooker and you find it very difficult to open, do not try to open the lid, but quickly check that the pressure relief valve has released all the pressure, if not, you should wait to avoid burns when opening the lid.

Clean the pressure cooker regularly

This is one of the important steps when using a pressure cooker, you should not ignore it and should not be subjective because it can be dangerous for your family when using the cooker.

Please regularly clean the pressure cooker, pay special attention to carefully cleaning the rubber ring on the lid of the pot, clear the valve, do not let food residue or dirt stick to the valve, causing the blockage, easily causing fire and explosion when cooking. Cook.

With the tips shared in the article, hope you use your family's pressure cooker properly. Do you have questions about the above usage tips? Write a question to us right away.

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