9 Foods that should not be put in the blender, you need to pay attention

  • 09 Jan 2022 00:55
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Blenders are very familiar with the kitchen of many families. However, certain foods should not be put in the blender because it will damage your blender. Join our Kitchen Tips section to find out in detail 9 foods that should not be put in the blender that you need to pay attention to!

  1. Porridge, hot soup
  2. Potatoes
  3. Green vegetables
  4. Dried fruit, frozen fruit
  5. Copper crab, food with bones
  6. Whole grain seasoning
  7. Coffee beans
  8. Large ice cubes or frozen food
  9. Flour
  10. Notes to help the blender last for a long time, the safest

Porridge, hot soup

Many mothers have the habit of grinding porridge or soup for their baby to eat, but you should not put liquid food in the blender when it is too hot. Because the heat from the boiling water plus the rotation speed of the blade will create great pressure, causing the lid to pop and boiling water will explode everywhere, endangering the user.

Instead, you should let the soup cool for at least 10 minutes before pouring it into the blender. The blender at this point should not be more than half full, you keep the lid tight with a clean towel to prevent any problems.

If your home has small children and is forced to grind porridge often but wants to save time, you can choose a hand blender. These types of blenders can grind porridge, hot soup very safely, without worrying about burns.



You may fail if you use a blender to make mashed potatoes. The knife part of the machine can cause the potatoes to thicken because they have produced too much starch.

Besides, when grinding potatoes with a blender, the blade is very easy to get stuck and cannot rotate, causing an electrical short, very dangerous fire and explosion.

If you want to make mashed potatoes, you should just mash them with a spoon or fork or specialized mashers.


Green vegetables

Mothers often use blenders to grind green vegetables and prepare baby foods. However, I do not know that these green vegetables will make the machine quickly lose it's aesthetic, quickly lose color, especially for mortars made from plastic.

Therefore, parents can buy a separate blender to grind baby food. You can choose to buy a mill made of glass material to grinding green vegetables to keep the device fresh and shiny. If you want the vegetable mixture to stay green and delicious, chill the vegetables before blending.


Dried fruit, frozen fruit

Dried fruit

If your blender is a good type, high power above 500W, there is nothing to worry about. But if the blender has a low capacity, when grinding, the fibrous components of dry fruits and grains can stick to the blade, damaging the blade. To avoid this, you should soak dry food until soft before putting it in the blender.


frozen fruit

Frozen fruits can be used to make nutritious and fresh drinks for the family. However, for frozen fruits in the freezer, you should not put them in the blender.

Frozen fruit has a very high hardness, which can easily damage the grinder's blade and make the machine's engine less efficient.

If you want to grind this type of food, you can choose multi-function blenders that operate with a large capacity. In case you want to grind fruit with a blender, you should defrost the fruit first, then proceed to grind as usual.

Copper crab, food with bones

Copper crab

A crab often has a hard shell, if you put the crab in the blender, the blade is easily damaged, inert, blunt, even the crab shell can make the blade not rotate, leading to an electric shock. The best way to process crab is that you can put it in a bowl and pound it with a pestle to be more effective.


food with bones

Many people often have the habit of grinding both meat and bones to cook porridge for sweetness, but the bones are quite hard, even some soft bones such as chicken, pigeon, etc. broken, blunt, food cannot be pureed.

Whole grain seasoning

The blade of the machine is not designed for grinding hard dry ingredients. The volume of the grinder is also completely unsuitable for grinding particles that are too small. If you want to grind whole spices, you should choose blenders that come with a dry mill.


Coffee beans

Technically, you can grind coffee beans with a machine, but like with other whole-grain spices, machines can't work well, there are specialized machines to grind these hard beans.

On the other hand, using a blender can lose the flavor of the coffee, and also cause the blade to wear out quickly.


Large ice cubes or frozen food

Unless you have a good blender, you should limit frozen foods and ice cubes to low-powered blenders that are not specialized for grinding ice.

Ice cubes may be too hard, frozen food may not be completely pureed and still be intact. Under the great pressure of these hard foods, the blade is also easily damaged.

If you want to grind ice cubes, you should put them in a bag and then crush the ice finely, or you can put shaved ice into the grinder to ensure the durability of the machine.



Flour isn't something you can put in a blender. Because when the machine is in operation, the powder will be mixed and mixed, causing the blade to rotate slowly or not work, causing damage to the machine. Making the dough by hand is the best option, but if kneading is a bit difficult for you, try using some more specialized equipment such as a whisk, dough, or food processor.


Notes to help the blender last for a long time, the safest

  • Cut food into small pieces. Blend liquid food first, dry food into the blender later.
  • Remove the hard seeds from the fruit, and remove the bones from the flesh before blending.
  • Choose to buy a machine with iron or anti-rust metal blade.
  • Fast grind at P position.
  • Do not pour food over the maximum line.
  • Do not operate the machine without food or water in the blender jar.
  • Do not remove the lid of the blender jar until the knife has stopped spinning.
  • Do not grind continuously for more than 30 seconds. It is recommended to let the machine rest for a few minutes and then use it again, especially when it is hot.
  • Do not put spoons, chopsticks, forks, etc. into the food mix when the machine is in operation.

Remember to bag 9 foods that should not be put in the blender to ensure the durability of the blender as well as your safety. Hope the above information will be useful to you!

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