6 golden rules to help the blender last longer and be safest

  • 08 Jan 2022 06:18
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The blender will help your family have more nutritious and delicious dishes and drinks. However, while using it, sometimes you will encounter some unexpected problems, here are some good tips when using the blender to help it work more smoothly and safely!

  1. Cut food into small pieces
  2. Blend liquid food first, dry food later
  3. Remove the hard seeds from the fruit, remove the bones from the flesh before grinding
  4. Choose to buy a machine with an iron or anti-rust metal blade
  5. Quick grind at P . position
  6. What not to do in the process of using the blender

Cut food into small pieces

Before grinding, cut the food into small pieces (about 2-3 cm) so that the blender can work better and more efficiently, the blade will also take longer to break.


Blend liquid foods first, dry foods later

When you need to blend several foods at once, blend the liquid foods first, and then add the dry foods.

  • Do not put hot liquid into the blender, let it cool before proceeding to grind.
  • For warm foods, remove the small lid at the start of the blender to air out the jar.
  • As for dry food, while drunk, you need to stop the machine from time to time, use the chopsticks (supplied with the machine) to push the food to the bottom of the blender, then continue grinding.

Remove the hard seeds from the fruit, remove the bones from the flesh before grinding

Always be sure to remove the hard seeds from the fruit and remove the bones from the flesh, as these hard seeds and bones can damage the blade. At the same time, when grinding is complete, the solution will not be smooth.


Choose to buy a machine with iron or anti-rust metal blade

When choosing to buy a blender, you should pay attention to choosing a machine with iron or anti-rust metal blade. If you choose a plastic or glass container, it is still guaranteed to withstand force and heat well.


Quick grind in P . position

Choose the quick grind in the P position to smooth the clumpy sauce or stir the egg-based sauce.


4 things not to do while using a blender

  • Do not pour food over the maximum line.
  • Do not operate the machine without food or water in the blender jar.
  • Do not remove the lid of the blender jar until the knife has stopped spinning.
  • Do not grind continuously for more than 30 seconds. It is recommended to let the machine rest for a few minutes and then use it again, especially when it is hot.

Although the blender is easy to use, there are still some caveats that need to be followed. Hopefully, through the above article, you have gained more experience to use a blender safely. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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