Which Diet Plan is Best For You?

Which Diet Plan is Right for you_1When it comes to weight loss plans, your choices are practically endless. There are crash diets, fad diets, healthy diets, and everything in between. So given this, what’s the best way to go about picking one?

For starters, you have to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want to quickly drop a few pounds for an upcoming event (e.g. a Summer vacation, a school reunion, etc.)? Or, are you looking to lose a lot more weight and keep it off for good? The answer to those questions will guide you in the right direction.

Nevertheless, we’re going to focus on the latter scenario, and for a good of reason: rapid weight loss is almost always the result of crash dieting. The problem is, once the diet is stopped, the pounds tend to creep back on (usually as fast as they came off). Not to mention, crash diets can be very unhealthy.

So, now that you know that slow and steady wins the race, how can you navigate through the sea of healthy diet choices? It all comes down to what you’re personally comfortable with. For the most part, it doesn’t matter which program you choose as long as you can stick with it (and you’re eating healthy foods).

This is arguably the biggest “secret” when it comes to weight loss. If you can’t stay on your program – for life – you will never have the body you truly want. And this is where most people go wrong. They suffer on a diet, drop the pounds, and then go back to their old habits. Naturally, the weight comes back.

So again, you must be comfortable with your program whether it’s low-fat, low-carb, or something in between. With that said, recent research has shown that people have an easier time sticking to low-carb programs. They also seem to produce faster weight loss.

Will this be the case for you? The only way to really know is to try one out. There’s Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Paleo, and one that I have known  many women to be successful with, James Ward’s Cruise Control Diet (to name a few). All low-carb choices, each with their unique twists tailored to different kinds of people.

Finally, take note of how you feel while you’re on it. In other words:

  1. Are you happy with the foods you’re eating or do you feel bored and restricted?
  2. Is it easy to stick with or are you struggling every day?
  3. Do you feel energetic or tired and sluggish?
  4. Is the weight coming off at a steady pace or are you struggling to lose even a few pounds?

If everything’s positive, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re generally happy but having slight issues, modify the program to suit your needs. Or, if you’re miserable, try something completely different.

In the end, it takes some trial and error. But when you put the tips you just learned into action (along with a bit of patience and a strong will to succeed) you’ll be well on your way to a fit, healthy body.


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