Simple Trick To Break Your Weight Loss Plateau

simple trick to break through weight loss plateauThe weight loss plateau is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on your diet. Burning body fat becomes next to impossible – no matter how much you cut back on food or how hard you exercise.

It’s extremely discouraging and can cause you to throw in the towel altogether. But here’s the thing: there’s a simple reason why it happens and an even simpler solution.

So, if you’ve currently plateaued, don’t stress. By the time you’ve finished reading this article you’ll know exactly how to jumpstart your fat loss once again.

Causes of a weight loss plateau

Let’s start with what causes it. In a nutshell, the plateau is your body’s way of keeping you alive. And as strange as this may sound, it’s true. When you start dieting, your body will do whatever it can to preserve energy (i.e. fat). It does this through numerous hormones, the most important being leptin.

Leptin is secreted by your fat cells and acts on the brain to control hunger. When your leptin levels are high, you’re not hungry. Conversely, when they’re low, you seek food to satisfy your cravings.

Now, when you start losing weight, your fat cells shrink. Naturally, they secrete less leptin. And aside from making you hungry, this also slows down your metabolism. Remember, your body is trying to keep you alive by preserving energy. It doesn’t know that you’re trying to slim down (nor does it care).

This is where many people go wrong. When the scale stops moving, they cut back on food even more (and perhaps exercise harder) in order to break the plateau. But this just makes things worse. Your body will fight tooth and nail to maintain energy balance. It does this by making you feel hungry and tired.

Raise your leptin levels

So, now that you know what causes the plateau (and what makes it worse) the solution is simple. In short, you have to raise those leptin levels once again. And you do this by eating more – lot’s more. Typically, a 1-2 day binge will do the trick.

Now, here’s the immediate question that follows this advice, “Won’t this cause me to gain weight?”

And the answer is yes. You will gain a bit of weight during this binge, but nothing to be alarmed about: a couple of pounds at most. However, these will come right off the moment you resume your diet. Furthermore, you’ll break right through the plateau and resume losing weight like before.

It’s that simple, and fun! So again, if you’re stuck in a plateau, don’t fight it. Go grab a few of your favorite foods, kick back, and enjoy yourself for a couple of days. And once you resume your program, you’ll be surprised by how easy the pounds come off again.

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