The Cruise Control Diet Helped Me Lose 10 pounds in 10 days

My Story – How I lost my ‘final’ 10 pounds with Cruise Control Diet

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Me Before and After Cruise Control Diet

I finished college being extremely overweight (bad boyfriends, too much partying, etc.). With long hours at work, I needed the help of diet programs to lose weight. With the help of various diet programs, I did manage to lose around 20 pounds. But in every one of those occasion, I was never able to lose that ‘final’ 10 pounds.

Before I could achieve my ideal weight, I had succumbed to my enormous cravings for fatty and fried foods and this resulted in a partial and sometimes full rebound of my previous weight.

The Cruise Control Diet changed everything for me. It not only helped me lose that ‘final’ 10 pounds, I did not have to cut out any of my favourite foods from my diet and the weight has been off for over 6 months now.

The Cruise Control Diet  allows me to eat things that are ‘not good’ for me without the guilty feeling. As James Ward, the creator of the Cruise Control Diet quips, “Cutting out the foods you enjoy the most is the one thing that makes every diet impossible for most people.”

About the Cruise Control Diet – Only 4 general rules!

The Cruise Control Diet is a whole-foods approach to weight loss and overall health. It’s a simple, yet highly effective program with 4 general rules:

1. Eat natural foods that help your body to burn fat.

2. Avoid processed, packaged, and other foods that cause your body to store fat.

3. Treat yourself to some “guilty pleasures” (e.g. chocolate, cookies, candy) from time to time so you don’t feel restricted.

4. Most importantly, don’t count calories, calculate points, keep food journals, or attempt “artificial” portion controls. Instead, let your body’s natural hunger instinct guide how much (and when) you should eat.

While the first 3 rules are common to any sensible weight reduction plan, the fourth one is what sets the Cruise Control Diet apart from other programs. It’s also the secret behind its success.

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know that losing the weight is the “easy” part. Keeping it off is the actual challenge. And the reason for that is simple: most plans burden you with too many rules and restrictions. Naturally, you can’t stick with them long-term (and eventually gain back every pound lost).

However, when you’re relying on your body’s natural instinct for weight control – rather than forced willpower – dropping the pounds becomes practically effortless. This allows you to stay on the program for life, so once the weight comes off, it’s gone for good.

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Advantages of the Cruise Control Diet

  • Perfect for people who are sick of calorie counting, keeping diaries and food logs, buying brand specific foods tailored to the diet with the same name, and takes the stress and hassle out of dieting.
  • A diet plan that isn’t made by someone you can’t relate to, James Ward’s someone who needed it, used it and found results.  As living proof goes, this one seems to be the real deal.
  • It is backed by solid science; it has facts to back its claims and suppositions, and a proven track record.
  • Sustainable solution forever instead of an 8 week “run” like most plans.  It is made for the long haul, not for “just now”
  • Easy to follow, complete guide and allows for cheat foods (and plenty of them).
  • Written without confusing terms or pretentious language, so everyone is on the same page and gets the same benefits. No B.S.

What Successful Cruise Control Dieters Have Said – A resounding ‘Yes’ to the Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet Works


Cruise Control Diet Real People Real Results

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