6 Kettlebell Mistakes You Should Stop Making

kettlebell mistakes

There is no better fitness conditioning tool to get you in the best shape of your life, fast, than the kettlebell -yes, not even the rope workouts.

You probably also have noticed that there have been many more women in recent weeks, months, years in and out of the gym who are swinging, lifting and squatting with a kettlebell. But are they doing it right?

Here are 6 most common mistakes made with the kettlebell, which you may not know but will after this post.  [Read more…]

6 Moves To Get Sexy Arms Like Victoria’s Secret Angels

Before you get started, make sure you warm up by skipping or jogging for between 60 seconds and two minutes. When your heart rate starts to elevate, bring it down, shake it loose and then you’re ready to start the Victoria’s Secret Angels arms workout.
[Read more…]

Top 5 Women’s Health Threats and How to Prevent Them

Think breast cancer is the greatest risk to a woman’s health? Find out more about the top 5 conditions that pose the most danger to women’s health. [Read more…]

Fitness Motivation Video That All Women Should Watch

This is NOT about men. This is NOT about feminism. This is about STEPPING UP your fitness participation TODAY no matter what shape or size you’re currently in right now. Don’t be embarrassed about the way you look right now or what you think how others perceive you, just start moving and you will get there.

So, Ladies, watch the video below and stop saying tomorrow. Start moving. Good Luck.
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7 Post-Workout Things That You’re Doing Wrong (or not doing)

things you are doing wrong after a workoutIt is a common misconception that fit bodies are made in the gym; the truth of the matter is that the actual time you spend exercising plays about half the role – perhaps even lesser. How you spend your time out of the training room makes a huge difference in your overall well-being. [Read more…]

6 Simple Moves To Tighten Your Glutes


Toned gluteal muscles help put pep in your step and reduce stress on your knees. To strengthen your rear end, use the following quick isometric exercises. Repeat each move four to eight times, then run through the routine once more. Do it three times a week and after week 3, you’ll won’t believe how hard your butt will feel – No joke!
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5 Tips For Faster Strength Gain


You’ve committed to a strength training plan, but are you doing everything you can to maximize your potential? Some days, getting to the gym can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Which is why when you walk through the double-doors and finally put your mind to your workout, you want it to really count, right? [Read more…]

7 Exercise Variations To Kick Up The Fat Burning Notch

how to burn fat fast

If you’re bored with your same old workout routine, your muscles probably are, too. And if you want to see results, you’re going to need to change things up.

Your body adapts to the same old routine. New routines help shake things up both physically and mentally. Also, as you get stronger, you have to kick up the challenge a notch if you want to continue to see results. [Read more…]

4 Tips to Create A Fitness Program That Slims and Tones The Body

strength training for weight lossToning up and losing weight aren’t quite the same. Weight loss is straightforward as it simply involves lowering your body weight, which can be done by dieting alone.

Toning however is a different matter. For a toned physique, you need tight, defined muscles, which means hitting the gym for some resistance training and strength training.

Cardio may be the way many choose to lose weight, but including strength training for weight loss program a mainstay in your gym routine can complement your cardio routine and will lead to faster results both in terms of weight loss and toning. [Read more…]

3 Best Abs Exercises That Eliminate Belly Fat Fast

how to do a plank properlyMost women want a toned, flat stomach. No surprise there. But since many women are still relying on crunches to get it, it is important to make one thing clear: Crunching is not the most effective abs workout. Crunches work only the muscles on the front and sides of your abdomen, but it’s important to target all the muscles of the core to get more defined abs—including lower back, hips, and upper thighs. [Read more…]

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