10 Stress-Free Weight Loss Tips

tips for stress free weigh loss
Easy and painless weight loss tips that you can blend in with your everyday life.

Stress free? Painless weight loss? If you’re desperately trying to squeeze in workouts and avoid your favorite high-calorie treats, it can seem like there’s nothing pain-free about it.

Yet while eating healthier and slipping in exercise does take some work, it really doesn’t have to require heroic effort. Making just a few simple lifestyle changes can pack a big weight loss punch over time.

Here are 10 tips on how to lose weight without sweating it too much. [Read more…]

Diet Traps That Make You Fat

gaining back the weight you just lostLosing weight is hard – keeping it off is even harder. There’s nothing worse than shedding all of your unwanted pounds – reaching your goals and feeling like you’re on top of the world – only to gain every ounce back.

Actually, there is: putting on even more weight than when you started the program. It’s a very common phenomenon amongst most dieters. As such, this article will focus on why this happens and what you can do about it.

Let’s start with the why… [Read more…]

Which Diet Plan is Best For You?

Which Diet Plan is Right for you_1When it comes to weight loss plans, your choices are practically endless. There are crash diets, fad diets, healthy diets, and everything in between. So given this, what’s the best way to go about picking one?

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43 Simple Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

43 Ways to lose 10 pounds
Losing weight  isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. What helps one person shed pounds may backfire on another. Because we’re all so different, from our food preferences to our body chemistry, the only successful way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is to find what works for you. There probably are a million ways to gain 10 pounds, but here are 43 simple ways to lose them—whether you want to know how to lose the last 10 pounds or first. [Read more…]

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