56 Habits to Highly Effective Weight Loss

56 habits to highly effective weight lossIf you dread the idea of quick weight loss because the idea calls to mind starving yourself, or eating cabbage soup or detox shakes or endless crunches and hours on the treadmill, relax, don’t fret.

You can drop pounds fast without feeling like you’re not living your normal life! If you follow these tips, you can lose weight fast, losing up to 7 pounds in 7 days! Are you ready to transform your life? Then read the following 56 tips to lose weight fast.

1. Be Your Own Healthy Chef

One fast way of losing weight is to start creating your own meals from scratch. Eat salads, drink soups and shakes. You can serious;y drop pounds and save money at the same time by becoming your own healthy chef! This may not seem like it’s a big deal but we have seen results of women losing at least 7 pounds in a week. Try it for one week and see how it works for you.

2. Try a Workout Video

If for any reason you are not ready to show yourself at the gym or if you’re having trouble finding time to get to there, invest in a few exercise videos. There are countless exercise DVDs or online workout videos that can help you stay motivated and lose weight fast while having fun all at the same time.

3. Watch Your Meal Portions

Did you know a serving of meat or fish should be about the size of a hand fist? A serving of almost everything else should be small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand.

4. Take “before”, “during” and “after” pictures

One of the best motivating ways to chart your progress is by taking before, during and after pictures, especially if you want to lose more than just those 7 pounds in the first week. A few weeks into your lose weight regiment, you can look back at your “before” pictures and be amazed by the progress you’ve made! Nothing else beats looking at your end picture and comparing it with your before picture. You’d be so proud of your accomplishments – who wouldn’t?

5. Become more active

56 habits to highly effective weight lossStart jogging, invite a friend to play a game of tennis, ride a bike or skateboard, hike, swim or do whatever else you find amusing and anything that gets you moving! If you become more active you’ll not only lose weight faster but you create a lifelong healthier lifestyle that helps you maintain your ideal weight.

6. Be familiar with the basics of healthy food

Learn the types of foods you should and should not eat. I know it sounds simple, but you will be amazed how much food out there is labeled natural that are not really natural! You can lose a lot of weight but just making you eat natural, whole foods.

7. Switch things up

Stay motivated and continue to see results by varing your workouts from day to day. Switching things up can help you avoid exercise boredom and stay on track to lose weight faster.

8. Picture yourself achieving your end goal

56 habits to highly effective weight lossPicture the way you will look and feel when you’ve gotten to your ideal weight. Now do this every day until you reach your weight loss goal. This may sound simple again, but this step brings your efforts closer to reality and within reach.

9. Increase fibre intake

Fiber is vital for your healthy weight loss. If you eat plenty of fiber, your digestive system will run smoothly and your body will be able to naturally remove all impurities and toxins. Not to mention, your metabolism will also increase. At the end of the day, you will also have more energy to tackle each day with a smile and gusto!

10. Walk everywhere

In order to lose weight fast, you need to become more active on top of eating healthier. Start walking everywhere and you will see yourself dropping more pounds quicker. The environment will thank you for it too.

11. Be realistic

If your goal is to lose a LOT of weight, be realistic and give it some time. Don’t think that if you can’t do it 2 weeks, you’ve failed. Remember the limits of what you can lose before it become unhealthy for you and would hurt you in the long run. The rule of 7 pounds in 7 days is a realistic goal.

12. Eat more protein

White meat, fish and eggs are all great sources of lean protein. If you’re a vegetarian, you can get lean protein from quinoa, tofu and beans. Lean protein helps fight body fat and helps you lose weight fast.

13. Relax and just breathe

The more oxygen you have circulating through your body, the more your metabolism will increase. So relax, take a complete breath and work hard to achieve the results you want!

14. Limit carb intake

Why? Excess carbs can cause bloating and weight gain.

15. Measure your waist hips, arms and legs with a tape measure

56 habits to highly effective weight lossDuring your weight loss journey, use a old fashioned tape measure for your waist, hips, arms and legs – it’s much more accurate than a scale! And see how they actually do really shrink in size.

16. Get more sleep

Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep causes your body to secrete cortisol, which is a fat gainer. Sleep is also essential for your muscles to recover from all the exercises.

17. Ease up on the salad dressing

Salads are loaded with metabolism-boosting phytonutrients, but don’t drown your healthy meal with fatty, sodium-laced dressing. Dress up your salad with nuts, apples, carrots and onions instead! If you must, you a simple lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing.

18. Plan your attack at the grocery store

Don’t go aimlessly into the grocery store. Plan first. Just head to the produce section first, then whole grains, lean proteins and then paper products, if necessary. Avoid the cookies, chips and candy aisle because there is nothing but temptation down there.

19. Do not be too restrictive and harsh on yourself

56 habits to highly effective weight lossIf you restrict yourself too much with what you eat, like only eating cabbage soup for the whole week, that may initially work, but the pounds will come back and your metabolism may even slow down. Not good – the worst thing that can happen is for your weight to move up and down like a yo-yo and your body is confused as to how it should behave.

20. Resist junk food when stressed or sad

If you tend to crave comfort or junk food when you’re stressed or sad, try to resist. Try taking your stress and sadness away by doing something active instead. Caving in to the temptation of emotional eating will set you back in your goals. You’ve come so far, you can do this!

21. Eat smaller but more meals throughout the day

Have small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. The small, frequent meals will boost your metabolism and stabilize your blood sugar level, keeping you satisfied and energetic all day long.

22. Stay away from the TV when you eat

When you eat, your focus should be on your food, not on the TV or your phone. We tend to eat more when we’re distracted, so get rid of media while you’re eating and enjoy the food instead.

23. Do not skip breakfast, especially a healthy one

56 habits to highly effective weight lossA lot of studies have proven that eating a healthy breakfast helps kick start your metabolism helping you lose weight throughout the day. Make sure you start your day the right way with whole grain oats, eggs or fruits.

24. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away

56 habits to highly effective weight lossHaving an apple a day can help you get plenty of fiber, vitamins and pectin, a natural fat burner. So, have one now and watch yourself slim down and drop those pounds.

25. Always have a healthy snack within arms reach

Be prepared when hunger strikes by carrying healthy portable snacks like a small baggie of almonds, a banana, homemade granola or any other healthy snack to stave off your cravings.

26. Don’t eat with a lot of people

Eating with a smaller group of people as opposed to a larger group ensures that you will eat less because you will spend less time at the table.

27. Set your snack times

Our bodies perform best when we follow a schedule, so have set times that you eat your mini meals and snacks.

28. Start tracking what you eat

Get with the innovative times and start tracking your food and fitness with an online or smartphone application. This simple step can help you control your food intake and have you dropping pounds in little time.

29. Toss out all the junk food

This may seem obvious but just a reminder – get rid of all junk food in your house. You can’t eat junk food or be tempted if it’s not there, right? Don’t throw them out, give them to your younger brother or his friends.

30. Write down your weight loss goal and the reason behind it

56 habits to highly effective weight lossWrite down what your weight loss goal is and why you want to lose that weight. Pin it on the refrigerator door. When you feel unmotivated, look at that note and it will help you to get up, get going and continue the tough journey ahead.

31. Give in once in a while

It is tough to keep up with denying yourself with pizza, cookies, brownies or any other of your favourite indulgences. Try and create healthier versions of your unhealthy treats, where you can feel satisfied and not guilty after eating it. But if you can’t then once in a while, give in, eat it, taste it, savour it and that’s it – just do not binge.

32. What happens when you fall off your diet plan?

No big deal. The best of us often slip up with our diets. If you fall off your healthy eating plan, just get back on and don’t look back! A bump in the road is just that, a bump. It will not keep you from meeting your goal, so keep going, don’t stop.

33. Like they teach my children in preschool, sharing is caring

If you decide to indulge and order dessert or lots of food when you’re eating out, share it with your friend. Sharing is caring, and you’ll save calories if you don’t wolf everything down on your own.

34. Be a weekend fitness monster

56 habits to highly effective weight lossThrow in lots of fun fitness activities during the weekend. A family bike ride, run, hike, mountain biking or tennis match can help you to lose weight and have a lot of fun at the same time. Sure, you may want some down time, but keep the activities fun and you won’t miss sitting on the couch.

35. Eat slowly and enjoy your food

It takes 20-30 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that you’re full, so pace yourself. If you rush through a meal as if it were a sprint, you’ll eat more than you need. This is one tip that will help you maintain your weight loss.

36. Do not plan activities around food

The majority of most people’s weekly activities is around food – going out for dinner, drinks or dessert. If you focus on active outings, whether a walk in a park or the mall,  you’ll find yourself eating mini meals rather than just endlessly grazing at the dining table.

37. Reward yourself but not with food

You’re losing weight and feeling great, so why not reward yourself? With a hot fudge sundae? No, I don’t mean food that may take you off track.  Go buy a new fitness wear or a new dress – it’s calorie free and might even motivate you more!

38. Your body tells you things, listen to it

56 habits to highly effective weight lossListen to your body to avoid over eating or pushing yourself too hard in your workouts.

39. Replace unhealthy foods and drinks

One by one, swap out all the unhealthy foods and introduce new healthier foods to replace them. Swap bland white rice for tasty quinoa, and drink thirst-quenching lemon water instead of bloat-causing soda. Little changes add up to make a big difference!

40. Stay away from stressful situations

56 habits to highly effective weight lossI know it’s so much easier said than done, but try not to stress. If you stress, your body secretes cortisol, which can cause you to gain weight, just like when you don’t get enough sleep.

41. Remove soda and sugary drinks from your diet

If you want to lose weight fast, say goodbye to soda and other sugary drinks. Soda is loaded with nasty chemicals and sugar, which will sabotage your weight loss and health. Drinks lots of water instead to quench your thirst.

42. Read and study fitness

That’s right – practice and study fitness, like you would any other subject you’re into. You’ll pick up more tips that way.

43. Join a fitness group

56 habits to highly effective weight lossJoin a workout class, running club, basketball team, or whatever you think you’ll enjoy! Being fit and healthy is fun, especially when you surround yourself with a social group to do this.

44. Don’t confuse hunger with thirst

Before heading to the refrigerator for a snack, have a tall glass of water. Since thirst is often confused with hunger, give it a few minutes to see if your hunger goes away after you’re hydrated!

45. Motivate yourself often

56 habits to highly effective weight lossKeep a photo on the fridge or at your desk of yourself at your goal weight or a fit celeb you like. This can help to keep you motivated and on track to your goals! This works REALLY well after your initial weight loss.

46. Drink a glass of cold water before a meal

Drinking a glass of cold water before your meal will help you to properly digest your food and help prevent you from overeating at meal time.

47. Have a good romp in bed

56 habits to highly effective weight lossHave fun with your sweetie while you get a great cardio workout – half an hour of between-the-sheets fun can burn almost 100 calories.

48. Drink coffee or tea

Coffee or herbal tea can help boost your metabolism; just have one cup a day if it’s caffeinated, since too much caffeine is an unhealthy stimulant.

49. An active partner helps tremendously

56 habits to highly effective weight lossIf you fall in love with someone active, you’ll notice your motivation for fitness ignited. An active boyfriend can make all the difference – forget dinner and a movie, how about dinner and rock-climbing? You’ll be a dynamic and sexy duo! If you are currently hitched, convince your partner to join you if he’s not already active.

50. Park your car in the least convenient spot

Start parking farther away when you go to the store, work or any other destination. This small step can help you burn between 50 and 200 extra calories in a day – that’s 1400 calories in one week!

51. Kiss your partner more often

And I don’t mean just a peck. Did you ever think you could lose weight from kissing? Long and passionate kissing burns 5-6 calories per minute. I know it’s not many calories, but add up those minutes in a year and you will see that you burn quite a few calories. Or that kissing may lead to a mid-day romp in the bed and that’ll burn even more calories.

52. Take the stairs

A friend of mine lost 15 pounds in a few weeks just by taking the stairs at the office and in her apartment building. Try it and take another step to achieving weight loss results.

53. Be active everyday

You should become active everyday, even if it’s just to walk around the block, take the stairs or get out for a quick jog. Make movement a healthy habit every day! The habit will continue past your weight loss days.

54. Hire a personal trainer

To speed up your weight loss even more and to learn new healthy life habits, consider hiring a personal trainer. A trainer will hold you accountable to your goals and teach you how to choose the right fitness workouts and food. Not to mention, most of them are hot and good to look at.

55. Every little bit counts

If you’re short on time and cannot find 45 minutes to an hour to exercise at once, break it up. Squeeze in a few ten-minutes bursts of exercise now and then and you’ll get great results! Just remember to keep moving.

56. Exercise early in the morning

56 habits to highly effective weight lossIt can be a 10 minute resistance workout or a 30 minute run, but try getting up early and getting your workout in. As hard as it is to leave your bed, you may be surprised how accomplished and amazing you feel. This small step will help you drop pounds and feel absolutely amazing! And not to mention you revving up your energy levels for the rest of the day.


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