26 Ways To Fit Into Your Bikini In No Time

how to lose weight fastDo you start your day with healthy eating and then end up binging by the end of it? And are you also tired of going on crazy diets? Well, you have clearly been following all the wrong rules for weight loss. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, but surely isn’t as complex as you would like to think.

These 26 simple tips are going to help you shed the weight in a matter of days and will make you look good in your bikini.

Tip #1. Set realistic goals

You must know that weight loss is very challenging. It comes with a price. You have to follow a particular plan in order to get maximum results within the shortest period of time. However you must also remember to be realistic about it. It is not possible to lose 5 kgs in a week. The maximum you can lose is 1 to 2 pound per week (that’s shaving of net 500 calories a day from food and burning off 500 calories a day in exercise). It might not be a drastic change but will certainly help you feel light. That tight pair of jeans will fit you better.

Tip #2. Set A Time

A smart thing you can do to lose weight in a week is to time yourself while eating. Paced meals are full of pleasure and trigger hormones of satiety. When you gulp down your meat at one go, you often end up over eating. So make sure you set a timer of 20 minutes to build yourself as a slow eater.

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Tip #3. Eat More Vegetables

When you are trying to shed weight in a week, it is better to focus on veggies! Eating more fruits and veggies is a natural and quick way to drop the pounds. It is high in fiber and water which fills you up within just a few calories. Cook them perfectly without any added fat. Also add some lemon for seasoning.

Tip #4. Drink soup

Soups are a fantastic idea to lose weight. When you drink more soups, you lose more weight. Minestrone, Chinese won-ton and tortilla soups are great choices. Having soups at the beginning of a meal can curb your appetite as a result of which you eat less. Instead of having canned soup, make some at home using lean meat and fresh vegetables. Stay away from the creamy soups – hard to stay off the clam chowder but you’ll be thankful at the end of the week you did.

Tip #5. Whole Grains

Opting for whole grains is also a good choice. Brown rice, brown bread, whole wheat, oats and buckwheat fall under this category. They fill you up within fewer calories and improve cholesterol levels too.

Tip #6. Don’t Eat Bacon

Skip the bacon. When you are making a sandwich at home, add eggs and veggies if you like. But don’t add bacon at all. This will save 100 calories and help you lose 10 pounds at the end of the year just like that. You can also lose some weight in a week if you keep eating right and exercise.

Tip #7. Remove Sugar

Sugar is the last thing you should put in your mouth while trying to lose weight. It contains a lot of calories and stubborn long lasting fat that lowers your chances of weight loss. It is also difficult to burn all the calories. If you really love sweets, have fruits. Add strawberries, mint and lemon to your drinks to add more taste.

Tip #8. Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea daily is an excellent strategy for weight loss. Studies have declared that green tea can boost the calorie burning engine in your body temporarily. It is also a refreshing drink that boosts metabolism and removes belly fat easily.

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Tip #9. Start Yoga

You may not know this, but Yoga is a great way to shed weight – it can get insane especially if you do Bikram Yoga. According to the Journal of American Dietetic Association, women who do yoga daily weigh lesser than those who don’t. This practice makes you mindful of what you’re eating and develops self awareness too. Not to mention the zen-like less stress mode you’ll be feeling all day.

Tip #10. Burn Extra 100 Calories (or 500 calories)

You can burn extra 100 calories throughout the day by doing a couple of quick and easy exercises. Walk a mile within 20 minutes or clean the house for 30 minutes. You can jog for 10 minutes or just use the skipping rope for the same period of time. Or park the furthest away from the store. This will help you lose weight within a week without dieting.

Tip #11. Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Eating healthy snacks will also boost your chances of losing more weight. Make sure you carry something nutritious in your bag every time you step out. Fruits, granola bars or a packet of plain popcorn seems a better idea. These low calorie snacks are better than the higher calorie treats.

Tip #12. Portion Control – Use a smaller plate

If you are trying to lose weight within a week, it would be wise to reduce the size of your plate. Eating less means fewer calories. And fewer calories mean more weight loss. When we are dining, we often tend to eat way more than we are supposed to. Cut the portions in half and make sure you are choosing smaller portions. When you are eating at home, remember to keep away yesterdays leftovers. That should also help.

Tip #13. Turn off the TV when you eat

Keep all distractions away while eating. Turn off the television; stop reading a book or a magazine when you are the dining table. Focus on the food and savour morsel. This habit will increase awareness and help you need as much as you should.

Tip #14. Stay away from Crispy, Creamy Or Cheesy

These 3 C’s should be out of your plate. No sauces, fried foods or calorielicious spreads. Skip the cheese when it comes to sandwiches and rolls. Also don’t add mayonnaise or butter while cooking something at home. Add lemon and pepper for zest. Go for broth based soups instead of the creamy ones. If you insist of crispy, oven baked is best but stay away from creamy and cheesy.

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Tip #15. Eat WhenYou Are Hungry

Eat before you are starving and stop before you are full. When we starve, we tend to eat more than we should. This is a disaster. Eat slowly and just before you are about to feel satisfied, stop. Drink a glass of water. This should help.

Tip #16. Sleep, sleep and more sleep

When you sleep more, you weigh less. Now this might sound surprising but it is entirely true. To lose weight, you must take rest. If you are someone who likes to work late at night, do think again. When your biorhythms are off, you do end up eating more than you should be. Losing sleep can affect your body shape, reduce the production of hormones and lead to belly fat.

Tip #17. Eat Good Fat

To burn body fat, you should eat fat. Yes, you heard me right! Good fats include salmons, omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts and avocados. They contain nutrients which keep you full throughout the day.

Tip #18. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a must for all weight loss plans. Fruits that fall within this category are grapefruits, oranges, kiwis etc. They keep your body healthy and prevent binging. Vitamin C burns body fat into fuel which ultimately leads to weight loss.

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Tip #19. Start Circuit Training 

100 crunches a day will give you better abs. But what are you going to about that layer of fat on top? To get the results you really want, try short bursts of exercise. Try something that burns body fat. Cardio circuit for 15 minutes or the skipping rope for 10 minutes seems like a good idea. You could also try the plank exercise. Keeping yourself active throughout the day also helps.

Tip #20. Do More Outside the Gym

When it comes to exercise, always think outside the gym. Do some cardio at home, use the jump rope, go on brisk walks, climb the elevators or do some cleaning at home. This will burn more calories and help you shed the weight faster. Add more non-exercise activity can actually burn calories. This is something you can incorporate in the long run.

Tip #21. Load Up on H2O
Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water is a must for every weight loss plan. Drink a glass of water before starting a meal and finish it off with another glass. Make sure you carry a bottle of water in your bag before stepping out. People who drink more water and less of soda or other calorie filled drinks have higher chances of losing weight.

Tip #22. Walk Briskly Or Jog

Walking and jogging is a great way to shed pounds without hitting the gym. You can easily burn 100 calories per mile by walking.

Tip #23. Exercise In The Morning

A smart way to burn the pounds is to exercise early in the morning. According to a recent study on overweight women, consistent morning exercises that go up to 4 hours per week led to better sleep at night.

Lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks? Is it really possible?

Tip #24. Lift More Weights

Weight lifting is a smart way to lose body fat. It will burn body fat and help in building lean muscles. It is also true that more muscle means quicker metabolism. This will put all the calories you are consuming to better use.

Tip #25. Follow The 80/20 Rule

Eat healthy 80% of the time and binge 20%. This means you should eat more organic foods throughout the week and keep one meal per weekend for junk! This will help you binge less and control when binge strikes.

Tip #26. Be Positive And Stress Less

Don’t focus on the scale; focus on how it feels. Positive aspects build self esteem, reduce stress and improve your weight loss experience. Things do get better . Weight loss does work if you follow the above rules. Pick 10 to follow today!


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