26 Tips To Keep Your Weight In Check (Dieting NOT Required)

how do i keep my weight loss off permanentlyHere are some tried, tested and proven simple tips for losing weight and keeping it off for the long-term. They are as simple as they get. They have worked for a lot of women who have had to lose a lot of weight or just bit of weight.

This not a quick fix to your weight problems, but if you can commit to some of these tips, the results can be amazing and last for the long-term. Remember these are actionable tips, so start moving and take action.

1. Weigh yourself every day

Keep an eye on your weight. Keep a scale handy, like next to your shower. It may seem obsessive, but it can help you stay focus. See what range your weight can fluctuate around from day to day and don’t panic if it gets to the top of the range. Just focus on getting the ultimate number down.

2. Lots of Water is Key

Drinking lots of water really helps. The more water you drink, the better your body functions. (If you don’t like water, put a few drops of apple juice in the glass to give it some flavor.) And don’t stop drinking before you weigh yourself, because you’d be kidding yourself. Weight loss starts with honesty to yourself.

3. Avoid processed foods

The basic rule – all packaged, processed food is unhealthy. Avoid it, where possible. Not easy, but worth the effort. The interest of food companies is certainly NOT your health.

4. Avoid sugary drinks and fast food

You know it. Don’t be fooled by low calorie or ‘diet’ claims. These foods and drinks are only making you fat and miserable.

5. Get 7 hours of quality sleep

Staying healthy is about basics. Water and sleep are the basics. Make sure you get enough sleep. Aim for 7 hours minimum and 8 hours during the weekend. Do you have a really good quality bed? If not, it’s worth the investment to make sure you get quality sleep. A good bed is not cheap, but it is one of life’s splurges that is highly worth it because quality of life is much higher if you get good sleep. And it helps your body function better. Strange but true.

6. Get off that couch

Losing weight is 33% about food, 33% about giving your body what it needs to function (rest, water, etc) and 33% about moving. TV is simply a waste of anyone’s time, especially if you are sitting on a couch and have chips to go with it. If you need the TV, go to a health club that has exercise machines with a TV attached. But better still – avoid the TV and do some social sports. And really try to avoid late-night TV – it is wrong for your weight loss efforts in so many ways.

7. Raw vegetables is important

No one can really be fond of the taste of raw vegetables without the dressings. But your body does like it. And the strange thing is, once yo take a bite or 2 of some raw vegetables or salad, it can be difficult to stop eating it. Nutrition experts are convinved that it is a large part of losing weight. Ensure raw vegetables form a large part of every meal you eat.

8. Eat fish, vegetables and fruit where possible

You hear this regularly. And it is true. Fish, vegetables and fruit make your feel healthier and more energetic. They all have more nutrition and less calories than their meat and dairy counterparts.

9. Ignore scientific evidence

First red wine was the answer to a long life. Then red wine was not healthy and the guy who claimed it was discredited. Then… Frankly, you should NOT care. Have a glass of red wine, yogurt, honey, a cup of coffee, raisins, even the occasional burger and fries, etc. Let the researchers prove what they want, as long as they don’t interfere with what you think works for you and helps you. Remember you know your body best and you haev to always make up your own mind.

10. Enjoy only one glass of alcoholic beverage per night

This may be a hard one, especially if you are terribly social. Keep it maximum to a glass a night.  If you cutting down from being a heavy or even semi-heavy drinker, try just one glass of wine a night. This may be difficult to do but once you do it, it becomes completely natural. Cut back, and savor your glass of wine.

11. Don’t ever feel guilty

No matter what you eat, don’t feel guilty. Life is too short for guilt. That doesn’t mean you don’t try to do better – you just have to avoid the same situation next time. But don’t ever feel guilty, otherwise you’d never be able to stay focused.

12. Set a maximum weight limit

Set a target weight. Don’t panic until you get over that weight. But if you do get over that target, don’t sweat it, just know that you have to work harder to get it back under that weight. The good news is that it usually only requires a week of control to get there, because you have quickly recognized that your  weight has gone too high (remember, you’re suppose to weigh yourself daily!).

13. Don’t shop when you are hungry

This is a very old rule, but it works. Only buy what you need, rather than what you crave.

14. Don’t have unhealthy food in the house

Even if you are a person with great discipline, it is just safer to not have any junk food so accessible. Protect yourself against yourself. The less chips and biscuits you have in the house, the bigger the barrier to pigging out.

15. Make many small adjustments

When you start out with any weight loss program, take many small steps. If you used to drink coffee with full cream milk, then switch to skimmed milk. Try cutting cheese out of breakfast. Making small changes that reduce your calorie intake, but that do not sacrifice life pleasure, are a no-brainer. Be aware of where the calories are in your food and explore your options! You can probably reduce calorie intake 10% without any sacrifice or effort.

16. Don’t kid yourself

You can try to trick yourself thinking that you could stop with eating just 1 cookie. But it is not always true for everyone. For many people, once they eat a cookie, they usually end up eating 5. It’s best not to eat the first, or simply accept that you’ll be eating 5. There are many situations where a part of our brain tries to convince us of something that another part of the brain simply knows is not true – this is especially very true with food.

17. Take time for dinner

Part of getting healthy is to change your relationship to eating. Switch of the TV when you eat. Get yourself a half a glass of wine with the meal. Take the time to talk to the family and ask about their day. Savor the food. Each meal is a precious moment in your life.

18. Walk regularly

Walking IS good exercise, and doing it with company is even better. You get to talk and to exercise. Walking or gently jogging at night alone can also be a time for simple reflection. It can help you keep your balance.

19. Switch off the email

Make a conscious effort to switch off your work brain. After 6 pm, don’t look at your email unless you have a critical deadline (and do not use the word critical lightly). Make it a point to not look at email from Friday night to Sunday night. Your family deserves your undivided attention. You might ask how this helps you lose weight – it has to do with reducing stress and loosening up the body to accept changes.

20. Avoid snacks

Most of the danger calories are consumed between meals, and late night. Control it and you have solved a large part of the problem.

21. Learn to cook

Learn to prepare healthy meals, even if they are boring ones. It is quick and simple, and fun to explore. If you don’t know where to start, take lessons.

22. Avoid diets that starve you silly

Instead of dieting, make many small adjustments that are natural, and based on what your body likes and needs. Making changes should never feel like you’re trying.

23. Do regular exercise

Well, it is obviously important right? There is nearly always something people like to do. Dancing, tennis, yoga, Pilates, walking, wall climbing, badminton, volleyball, golf, soccer, jogging (with some music or an eBook on an iPod touch), etc. Discover what you love, and the rest happens by itself.

24. Move more

Try to do some exercise every day, but sometimes it is just about walking to and from a lunch café a bit further from the office. Once you start thinking about it, there should be many small opportunities to get your body moving more. Don’t take that escalator but walk the stairs.

25. Exercise your age in minutes

Researchers have recommended that a person should do enough exercise each day, equal to their age in minutes. It is rather a silly rule, but it is easy to remember and as good as any other rule. The bottom line is that all exercise is good, and even better when it is in a social setting.

26. Get your clothes refitted

As you lose weight, your clothes need to be adjusted. Get it done! Not only will it look much better, but there is another good reason. Just as the marketing teams at P&G talk about “moments of truth” (the smell and feel of shampoo when you apply it defines the shampoo, the smell of the freshly washed shirt when you put it on defines the fabric conditioner), the moment of truth of being overweight is when you have to close the top button of your trousers. It is not a nice feeling if they barely fit. If you get your trousers adjusted when you lose weight, you reset the warning signal that you are putting on weight again because the trousers are tighter fitting sooner.

These simple rules have worked for many women. But everyone is different. So try one, some, or all but do not keep moving and trying.

If you can’t do it alone and you want help, you may interested in the Cruise Control Program that teaches you how to lose weight with a whole-foods approach without being overly restrictive.



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