13 Ways To Increase Metabolism and Lose More Weight

how to increase metabolism for women

Many people want to make big changes in their metabolism. If your metabolism runs high you can burn fat and lose substantial weight with out a lot of extra activity or at least faster.

Lots of things will affect a person’s metabolism, and it can change at different times depending on the frequency one eats, his or her genetics, the volume of muscle mass, stress and activity. Things that make a person’s metabolism slow down can be the loss of muscle mass because of the lack of activity. When that happens the body tends to consume its own muscle because there is a lack of energy from food to get along and finally the metabolism slows down because with advanced age physical activity normally declines.

Here are 13 effective ways you can increase metabolism to boost that fat burning:

1. A lean body mass will increase metabolism (Hint: You need to exercise more!)

It is certainly possible to delay the decline in metabolism as you grow older even though the decline is natural. Muscle volume is a key determinant of metabolism that will take away fat or calories. There is no way around building muscles except for exercising and weight training. Weight training at least a couple of times a week will build muscle and strength and you can fill in the gaps between workouts with lighter easier exercises. Even things like taking the dog for walks and avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs can serve over time to help increase metabolism and in turn burn calories.

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2. Always eat a meal in the morning to start your day

Many people ignore breakfast, which is hands down researchers say is the most important meal of the day. Don’t use the excuse of not having enough time. It has been proven that those that eat breakfast will stay thinner than those who do not. The facts are that the metabolism can slow during the early hours if breakfast is delayed until midmorning or if it is skipped altogether.

3. Like the plague, avoid sugar at all costs

The reason is that sugar facilitates the ability of the body to store fat. The goal is to eventually go without sugar in your everyday drinks like coffee or iced tea, etc.

4. Hot Spicy foods increase metabolism

Eat them, enough said.

5. Get More Sleep

People that do not get enough sleep are at risk to gain weight according to researchers. It has also been shown in some studies that the last few hours of sleep are when muscles are repaired and regenerated.

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6. Drink more water

how to lose weight fast

We have toxins being released daily and they need to be flushed – water serves that propose. Conversely if there is not enough water our body functions slow down and all the systems decrease in speed. Our body in turn have added stress, causing metabolism to slow down. Can you see the spiralling pattern?

7. Please, do eat more, but make sure they are smaller meals

Eat about 2-3 hours apart and make it so you eat about 4 – 6 meals a day. This gives time for your metabolism to work in between meals and have less to burn off.

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8. Do not skip meals

A dieter may want to skip meals but in order to lose weight the metabolism has to be kept high and in order for metabolism to be kept up there has to be fuel. So, eat!

9. Get good at planning meals

Establish a balanced pattern and plan out the amounts and times to eat your proper meals. Avoid a sporadic schedule for meals as this is a huge mistake.

10. Get rid of the stress in your life

Stress can come from all different areas of your life and it can detrimentally affect your attempts to increase your metabolism. Work on the areas of stress and your metabolism will naturally increase.

11. Drink green tea

Drink green tea in copious amounts as a alternative to drinking coffee. Green tea stimulates your metabolism and it does not have the negative side effects like coffee does if you drink too much.

12. Load your plate with ‘energy foods’

how to increase metabolism

Energy foods are a vital ingredient to increasing your metabolism. Some energy foods are whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits.

13. Take a whole-foods approach to your diet

A diet high in healthy whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain thousands of individual phytochemicals which protects the cells in your body against damage. Healthy body cells is a key component to keeping metabolism up. For a sensible approach to a whole-foods diet, take a look at the Cruise Control Program.


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