10 Simple Health Hacks Every Woman Should Embrace

how to become healthier

Eat cleaner. Look younger. Feel healthier and happier, every single day! Get ready to revolutionize your world with life tweaks so simple you could do them in your sleep. And the best part? They all take less than 10 minutes!

1. Make a date with your kitchen

When it comes to weight loss most experts agree: devote 80 per cent of your efforts to nutrition and 20 per cent to exercise. The easiest way to make it happen? Cook more meals at home, so you can monitor what’s going into your body more easily. Spend Sunday cooking food for the week ahead that can be used in a number of meals, like roast veggies or a big pot of brown rice. For a inspirational and sensible whole-foods approach to eating, take a look this weight loss and fitness program.

2. Savour one less bite

Doing this at every meal could save about 300 kJ a day, which equates to almost four kilograms over the course of a year! So share that last spoonful of chocolate ice-cream and reap the body rewards.

3. Spice up your next dinner

Spicing things up can help curb hunger, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Need another good reason to add some heat? Scientists at Harvard University found the capsaicin in chillies triggers the release of feel-good endorphins. A full belly and a good mood? Pass the hot sauce!

4. Start with a bowl of soup

People who ate a low-kilojoule bowl of veggie goodness before their meal consumed 20 per cent fewer kilojoules, according to research from Boston University. Try a light broth-based veggie soup before your largest meal of the day to eat less – without even noticing.

5. Meditate

Loving-kindness meditation can help you through a difficult time: Sit quietly, breathe normally, and gather your attention around the repetition of the phrase “May I be happy, may I be peaceful”. Whenever your attention wanders, gently let those thoughts go, and come back to the phrase. At the end, after repeating that phrase for yourself, offer it up to include all beings, saying, “May all things be happy, may all things be peaceful,” says Mary Lepage, author of Real Happiness, Real Love, Real Lives.

6. Banish bloating

Drink water with apple cider vinegar to stimulate healthy digestion and help banish bloating.

7. Hop 10 times

Sounds kooky, but hear us out! In a Brigham Young University study, women who jumped 10 times twice daily upped their hip-bone density after 16 weeks.

8. Sit up straight!

It doesn’t just make your back and neck (and mum) happy, it also lifts your spirits. “When you move from poor posture to good posture, you increase levels of ‘go-go-go’ hormones such as dopamine, as well as feel-good serotonin, plus you decrease the stress hormone cortisol,” explains spinal surgeon John Letonin.

9. Turn the volume down

If you work out with headphones, set the volume at less than 60% of max. Studies show that consistent exposure to sounds above 100 decibels (conversation is 60) can leave you with a permanent “huh?” reflex.

10. Rise and shine!

Do a high-intensity AM workout. It will boost your energy levels and metabolism all day long.



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